Venloer Str. 601 – 603, A 903, 50827 Köln, Germany
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Home Sweet Camouflage (in progress)
Santiago de Chile
Remodel and extension of a residence. Lacking sufficient daylight in the house, the client demanded an increase of transparency both within the interior as well as toward the exterior. This was addressed by stripping several walls down to their reinforced concrete frames and straightforwardly connecting the remaining frames through two exterior curtain wall "ribbons". Paradoxically, however, the demand for transparency was contradicted by the client's obsession for privacy and visual control.Our approach was to address the client's “hide-and-seek” manner of describing the relationships between family members, maid and guests by designing a camouflage pattern capable of reacting to local needs of privacy, visual control and lighting in different areas of the house. Developing a pattern logic based on a grid, we programmed a software tool to generate the façade pattern through iterations of the key logic according to changing parameters.