laura beloff, finland
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2 x Video Dialogues 1999, 2005
File festival, Brazil - third prize
1. Dialogue (an automat) (1999). Sigmund Freud related a concept of "uncanny" to dolls, something which is between animate and inanimate. In this computer driven work a human-faced "doll" is having a dialogue with its double. The dialogue combines a machine-like/automatic structure to a theme about masculine and feminine stereotypes. Awarded third place at FILE-festival (2000) Brazil. ////////////// 2. Hvalburger (2005) is based on recorded conversations about whaling in Norway. The chosen sentences are re-acted and filmed in studio. The sentence selection was based on opinions that came up several times with different people, aiming for a generalized viewpoint about whaling in Norway. Computer manipulates the order of sentences. The dialogue continuously shifts between absurd and sensible.