Norrebrogade 66 D, 2200 Copenahgen N, Denmark
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Danish Martime Museum
Helsingor, Denmark - first prize
How does one breathe new life into an abandoned dry dock? While researching the placement of the Maritime Museum, we discovered the abandoned yet cavernous 150m long, 25m wide, and 9m deep concrete dry dock and knew straightaway that we had found the ideal location for our proposal. In order to build the Maritime Museum in the old dry dock it had to be reinforced in order not to cave in. We could either support the structure through an added layer of concrete throughout its interior but this would cover its beautiful old concrete walls or by digging around the dry dock walls and creating supportive rib walls on its exterior which proves to be too costly. Instead we propose to bend the rules of the competition and place the museum on the periphery of the dry dock walls in order to both act as its new reinforcing structure but also serving as the fa├žade of the new museum