Julius Popp, Leipzig, Germany
project image
The interdisciplinary research platform micro.race picks up on a central question inherent in the field of artificial intelligence: how do autonomous beings act in a complex environment. In micro.race a number of different universities and institutes will enter into playful competition with each other. On a race track built in a scale of 1:10, driverless, self-steering racing cars will learn to navigate the course without external assistance. A barcode which the robotic vehicles read as they drive along is imprinted onto the track's surface. Like micro.adam and micro.eva (Julius Popp, 2000/2004), micro.race creates a simplified, yet complex environment where research can be carried out with minimal means. The micro.race-teams effectively become interdisciplinary think-tanks that will provide impulses for diverse applications: traffic, the automobile industry, robotics, and many more.