University of Huddersfield, UK.
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The Trespass of her Gesture
Bulgaria, UK, Japan - shortlisted
The Trespass of her Gesture revolves around comings and goings of various kinds. Reciprocal relationships between artist, audience, chance and text converge in a loosely choreographed dance. The key protagonists are a virtual graffiti artist and her evolving text. Their partnership is complex and it is unclear which of them takes the lead. Embodied by multiple networked projections, the virtual graffiti artist sprays a series of messages onto a large-scale public surface. The messages are presented in a random order and the duration of the performance is open-ended. The message content is site specific and the writing decays subtly over time. The project in various forms has been shown in Sofia (Bulgaria), Manchester & Huddersfield (UK) and Nagoya (Japan) as part of ISEA02. The Trespass of her Gesture was nominated for a ZKM media award as part of Urban Cycles.