Est. Naval Rocha Conde de Obidos, Lisbon, Portugal
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Braganza - second prize
The headquarters building for Montesinho’s Natural Park is the result of the dichotomy of a simple problem: How to place a public building in a suburb, assuming urbanity and enhancing its relationship with the natural environment? A result of the compromise between an urban role, assuring continuity, and the transition to a natural space, the building occupies the entire site’s perimeter, enclosing a courtyard in its interior. The Montesinho Natural Park headquarters building assumes its role as a public landmark and an architectural reference, like the New Municipal Theater, Braganza’s Cultural Centre or the future Contemporary Art Museum. The new interior and exterior public spaces created by it, will provide a place for learning and leisure with a strong relationship with its natural surroundings, and in the distance with the old city skyline.