Est. Naval Rocha Conde de Obidos, Lisbon, Portugal
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Almada - third prize
The IBM 305, the 1st hard-drive computer, was in the market in 1956, weighting more than 1 ton and had 5 Mb of storage capacity. Technology is demanded to be in constant evolution, making devices accomplish its function faster and more efficiently . A building is supposed to have a 50 years lifetime. Nevertheless, Portugal has references of buildings that crossed several centuries with different functions: military facilities (Mafra convent), hospitals (St. Joseph Hospital, Lisbon), libraries or universities (Coimbra). The activities developed in this building are connected to state-of-the-art technology, and to the outdated questions described, but the dynamics of entrepreneur relationships are far more demanding. Spaces must respond to merges, take-overs, partnerships and joint-ventures. This building, hosting 6 corporations, is designed to react to constant change in the companies nature, never neglecting its technical conditions.