245 NE 37th street MIAMI FLORIDA 33137 USA
project image
park lane tower
Miami, Florida
Three, multi-dimensional crystalline volumes engage street and sky, creating park, residential, amenity, parking, office, and commercial spaces allocated on desire and value maximization. Pure in form and materiality, the project establishes optimum abstraction within the sky-scape while maintaining openness and contextual sensitivity at the street through strategically placed plazas, parks, arcades and covered terraces. A large rooftop sky garden and play ground provides ample room for indulgence in climate and activity. The tripartite tower configuration-- organized around a shared central core generates optimum efficiency as well as opportunities for all residences to obtain dynamic views, corner exposures, private elevator access, expansive terraces, and full floor units as the building ascends. Clarity of structural and mechanical system distribution permits ultimate flexibility for unobstructed owner customization.