245 NE 37th street MIAMI FLORIDA 33137 USA
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Miami, Florida
A microcosm of the city and metropolitan life. Situated on an entire block in Midtown Miami, this sizable project is broken down into smaller components allowing for a reduction in perceived mass and inherent anonymity. The architectural infrastructure, compliant with the urban plan, creates a harmonic diversity of unique experiences and living environments (nearly 40 unit varieties). In addition to having multiple lobbies at street level, approximately 80% of the pedestrian experience is commercial based activities at various scales - from the intimate mews shops to the more spacious tenant opportunities. All parking and other service-related zones of the project are properly concealed by active program of a mixed-use nature. Shifting South and West at the second level - the massing of the block creates a protected promenade of sensible proportion to enjoy the street-side shops.