project image
Luminos are bricks in darkness. Like a candle needs a fire to light it up, Luminos, which have light sensors and LEDs, need light to turn the LEDs on. This is a simple and intuitive interaction yet it has the possibility of complexity of a chain reaction created by configurations of Luminos like dominoes and bricks. The 'Lumino' has been developed as a wireless object, as part of a system that comes together to produce different light patterns and loops. As a system the Luminos can be placed anywhere indoors and used for fun or even as light guides. These objects work in darkness. Therefore the design was focused on sense of touch. I did many experiments with different type of acrylics and chose two different acrylics, one is smooth and shiny texture, the other is rough and has a matt texture. The modes are 2 delay modes and 2 fade modes. Luminos can change modes by flashing a master Lumino.