1 Spirou Mela str Voula 16673 Athens Greece
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Neen World: Online virtual community
Paris - invited
Neen World is an open-ended architectural experiment. It started as an ActiveWorld, an online community for members of the Neen art movement to meet, take walks and talk online: a chat room with 25 neenster houses and public meeting points. Some of these buildings were inspired by neen websites while others such as Blue Wave and Teleport Forest were inspired by nature. Together they comprised a collection of sketches for buildings designed with the internet in mind: they are immediately recognizable, they have a simple geometry for fast downloads, and they create a new natural environment for neen ideas. While the original community is now lost on an internet server somewhere in California, the building-sketches are still being developed further into projects such as Blue Wave and Cloud House. Neen World signified a new approach to thinking and designing.