1 Spirou Mela str Voula 16673 Athens Greece
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Hotel Blue Wave
Athens - invited
Hotel Blue Wave examines the controlled experience of life in a hotel as an artificial home versus the freedom of making your temporary home in the natural environment. The Blue Wave project was already based on the romantic idea of the abandoned beach as the dream destination, the place that you dream of when you are in front of your computer maybe looking for company in a chat-room and out side the city is burning in the summer heat, and the beach becomes a fata morgana that blurs into the screensaver on your desktop. In the 60's this fata morgana was actually advertised as a society resort, a building where you would go in order to enjoy the beach, to be in nature. Today the idea of the multistory resort is faded and replaced by the deserted beach as the total luxury destination, while a lot of these 60s resorts have been themselves abandoned.