1 Spirou Mela str Voula 16673 Athens Greece
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Collateral: Exhibition design for Hangar Biccoca
Milan - invited
COLLATERAL is an exhibition of videos inspired by cinema. The design consists of two kinds of spaces, the space of each work and the space between the works. Together these spaces create what I would call a contemporary video experience that is designed to function with our abbreviated and blurry attention span. As an architect working today, I am particularly interested in how people perceive spaces, and how their attention span has been modified by the excess and the speed of information. We are used to finding everything we want on the internet immediately, or getting even receiving an email on the phone or closing a window of information with a click so I was interested in making an exhibition that the visitors can choose to browse quickly, can choose how to walk around in, following different paths, or can choose to stop in front of a piece for a longer time and be captivated inside the space on the screen.