1 Spirou Mela str Voula 16673 Athens Greece
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Cloud House
Athens - selected
Cloud House is a building inspired by a website. On whywashesad.com Rafael Rozendaal has made a simple script where by moving your cursor around you eliminate the oncoming clouds: I was interested in this idea of controlling the weather, controlling your mood and making a home in Nature. The structure of the house is derived from the emblematic dom-ino typology, which in the post-war years in greece has become a symbol of clandestine construction and ad-hoc inhabitation. The Greek country side is filled with these unfinished concrete frames that people started building but never had the money to finish, so they inhabit them raw, like you would set up home in a cave, under a tree. These structures are inhabited in the same way that the internet is inhabited today: you take your ready made homepage from blogger.com and you start building on it and changing it everyday to fit your mood.