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Lichtplein / Blue Wave
Eindhoven - invited
Blue Wave: Lichtplein In March 2004 the MU center for Art and Architecture in Eindhoven asked me to prepare a solo show in their space and a proposal to reinvigorate the Lichtplein, the courtyard of the Witte Dame building where MU is hosted together with the Eindhoven Design Academy and some Phillips offices. The Lichtplein is a space that the public crosses but doesn't know how to use so they never stop. Apart from an aesthetic upgrade, the space needed an interface with which to become part of everyday life. I started trying out different sizes of the blue wave module, and in different configurations, copying and pasting pieces on my 3D program, putting a single cell in the size of a small building next to a triple cell in the size of a chair and creating a family of possibilities.