Unit 1L Leroy House 436 Essex Road London N1 3QP
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Dream Shelter
Competition project developed with Giovanni Bonfanti and Federico Grazzini 1998 Homeless means very often sleepless and therefore dreamless. If the right to a home is not for everyone the right to dream has to be. Big cities of the world produce a lot of waste as a result of a continuous transformation, but somebody’s waste can be a precious resource for others. The project aims to give a warm winter shelter to homeless people using hot air blowing in the street from the exhausts of the underground ventilation systems. The residual energy is used as a passive heating system. The principle is to drive this already waste energy into a very big “sack” surrounding a core room. The hot air is caught and kept in the soft volume of the sack enveloping a cardboard box in which is possible to sleep and dream.