Bethaniëndwarsstraat 6d 1012 CB Amsterdam
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Tsunami Memorial Oslo
A Tsunami originates when the force of tectonic plates moving against each other becomes too large. The upper tectonic plate snaps and causes a circular wave. This wave can move harmlessly over thousands of kilometres. It is only when the seafloor start to rise towards the land, that the force of this wave becomes destructive. This entry – the silence before the storm – is a land-art representation of the natural phenomenon. Ranging outwards from the epic centre, circular waves wrinkle the earth. It visualizes the peaceful serene moment just before the point of destruction. The artificial landscape, eighty meters in diameter and with height differences of up to six meters, fits into the topography of the competition area between the bicycle track and the seashore. Covered with snow during winters and with fresh grass in the summer, the site will become a place for contemplation and reflection.