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Learning from Osdorp/Europan 4
Osdorp, Amsterdam - mentioned
post- suburban condition. Improvement of infrastructure, development of commercial activity and a changing, pluriform population provide an urbanised context where the suburban garden-city image does no longer fit into. In Amsterdam 'New-West' there is a growing need for urban renewal, densification and differentiation. Osdorp is one area that has the potential to cater to these needs. Aside from new building sites, the diffuse existing suburban fabric leaves ample room to achieve higher density; Its urbanised context already provides the necessary conditions. The Europan site might be a good study for developing not only Osdorp, but suburbs with a similar condition in general. Housing in the vicinity of the site is mainly determined by a single building type: the horizontal strip. The sameness and repetition of its configurations lead to a mortal monoteny.