Bethaniëndwarsstraat 6d 1012 CB Amsterdam
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Jip & Jan
IJsselmonde, Rotterdam
The location is on a corner of a large road near the Mass River in Rotterdam. The program called for a landmark, but within an eight-storey height limitation. Our solution was to create a sculptural composition of two masses that hold each other in balance. One of the volumes ends up as a raking tower towards the road. The two volumes are from two different materials: bricks and aluminium. The heavy one fixes the light one (in a matter of speaking) to the ground. The reference to the ancient harmony symbol of Jing & Jang (see “logo”) is almost obvious. The second reference is to the famous Dutch illustrated child book of Jip & Janneke: two friends that are having their best adventures together. The two references together resulted in the name of the project: Jip & Jan.