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SMAU industrial design 2004 - mentioned
Share-Aware is an interactive system that consists of a sensor seat cover and a screen-based application to assist computer users to develop a good computer-using habit in relation to their postures and sitting time. The seat cover tracks the user's sitting posture and sitting time and the conditions are subtly hinted to the user in real-time by a graphical screen display. E.g. if the user's upper and lower back is not rested on the chair, the figure of the destop application will slowly lean forward then start blinking in red until the user lies his back properly on his chair again. A log file is also generated as a reference for the user. The project is co-designed with Anurag Sehgal.
SMAU INDUSTRIAL DESIGN | 37th Edition 2004 | Italy
Habitat Ufficio | issue 125 | Italy
Ergonomia | issue 3 | Italy