London, UK
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2005 _ Science Pier exhibition
Bremerhaven, Germany - finalist
Science Pier is part of a series of exhibitions supporting the City of Science 2005 that aims to engage public and science. In order to reinforce the interaction between science and society the exhibition project was divided in two parts: pier and container exhibition. Pier included a pre communication system address to inform the public about the scientific research and the institutes that took part of the project. The contents were presented in containers making use of variable architecture to create a design concept comprising audiovisual media, exhibits and information design to make science accessible to the broad public. Client: Magistrat Bremerhaven, Germany, Project elaborated by Designlabor, Project Coordinators: Wilfried Kuhn, Chris Rehberger, Project team: Tina Hage, Oki Kasajima, Verena Kern, Britta Knuppel, Nadja Riedel, Susana Soares, Melanie Thron, Christoph Vaillant, Christina Kaufmann.