2-24-8 Minami Aoyama - Minato Ku Tokyo 107.0062
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CODAN Shinonome(3rd block)
Shinonome Koutou-ku, Tokyo
This project introduces new concepts to the public housing.  Located on a reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay area, it combines dwellings with offices (SOHO – Small Offices, Home Offices), commercial facilities, and public amenities. Multi-family housings in the 20th century have tended to only contain spaces for dwellings, eliminating other functions from the building. This concept has been particularly dominant in Japanese public housings. The result has been a loss of functions necessary for a high quality life. Here, however, the Shinonome multi-family housing project mixes functions to the greatest extent possible, restoring a well-rounded quality and functionality for the inhabitants. A “Communication Atrium” is located in the center of the whole complex, surrounded by 60 m2 basic units and 25 m2 annex units. Each annex unit can be used as a bedroom, a study, a SOHO, a store, or a number of other purposes.