Via Ponton dell'elce 9, 00061 Anguillara, Roma, IT
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L’altro – The Alien and the Mirror
(in progress, Annunziato). It is an interactive installation with a digital mirror (videocamera + retro-projected screen mirror-shaped) reflecting the face of the visitor standing in front of the mirror. The image is focussed when the visitor stand up to observe the mirror and disappear in the water when the visitor moves. The artwork pushes the perception of the own image as the other himself through slowly minimal graphical and sound effects and subliminal stimulus with particularly incisive images (1/30 sec). The doubt increases in the visitor who is pushed to perceive the distance between himself and the other. This is the distance between the real image that the people transmits to the others and the interior image with which he represent himself. Exhibited the first time in 2005.