Via Ponton dell'elce 9, 00061 Anguillara, Roma, IT
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Sensitive Painting
London, Florence - selected
Sensitive Painting (Annunziato, Pierucci, Tirelli, ‘02), is an interactive installation where a projector casts images on a large size painting representing the Libic Sybil of the Cappella Sistina from Michelangelo Buonarroti. The projected images are elaborated versions of the painting itself modified in terms of saturation, hue and colour in relation to the people interaction. The visitor interact on a "sensitive surface" with a woman shape. Moving their hands on the surface, the people induce a reaction from the painting modifying the perceptive variables and modulating a sound flux that appears to be produced by the painting itself. The focus of the installation is the perception seen as an active principle, causing a change in reality based on observer’s exploring action/attitude. The installation has been selected for the Int. DART exhibition (London) and High Tech Museum (Florence).