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The Garden
Boston, Lima, Milan - mentioned
“The Garden” (Annunziato, '99 and '04), from the “Artificial Societes” collection, has been published on the front cover of the Art Int. J. Leonardo (MIT Press) in July 2004 and selected at the Int. Show Artware II (Lima, Perù) and Generative Art (Milan, Italy). It is inspired to the idea to recreate an “ecosystem in the machine” trough the genetic evolution. This is a good example of the concept of “The Art of Emergence” like a new approach to work on a metadesign and live the artwork evolves by itself. By my point of view this image is emblematic for the concept of the “aesthetics of the biodiversity”: the image evolves creating niches of evolution which are traduced with local graphical patterns. It recall me the richness of the “biodiversity” in terms of nature, minds, societies, cultures.