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LACMA '04 - UCLA '04 - HfG/ZKM '06
Installation and concert by Anne Niemetz & Andrew Pelling
The Dark Side Of The Cell is an audio-visual event treating one of the most interesting recent discoveries in nano-biotechnology: cellular sounds. The staging of the “musical cells” takes place in a darkened, acoustically immersive space, enhanced with a number of sculptural objects, onto which microscopic imagery of the sonic cells and their cellular sonograms are projected. The construction of the sculptural elements is inspired by the inner architecture of cells. Professor James Gimzewski and Andrew Pelling at the UCLA Department of Chemistry first made the discovery that yeast cells oscillate at the nanoscale in 2002. Amplifying this oscillation results in a sound that lies within the human audible range. In its second version (2006), the array of small objects was replaced by one big sculpture. See: www.darksideofcell.info