15,rue du 19 Mars 1962, 92240 Malakoff, Paris
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Design+urban study
The Pavillon de l’ Arsenal is a former military arsenal reconverted into an exhibition centre. We were invited to design an exhibition and to develop a study of new centralities and connectivity issues. The design of the exhibition expresses the concept of public space as a state and as a value. The main elements of the exhibition design are: an air column which is also a chimney of light placed at the centre of the Pavilion and a collection of “Periscopes” looking towards the outside streets and places in the surrounding empty space. Visitors circulate in a coloured open environment, whose floor climbs up to perimetral walls, enlarging perspectives – and around the central “air column” composed by a double translucent, ever-changing, atmospheric skin, put into slightly perceptible motion by airstreams coming from the sky-light to the ground floor.