travessa do carvalho 15 1┬║ esq. lisbon portugal
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Hippo Viagens, offices
Lisbona, Portogallo
This is a remodelling of a roof of an L-shaped corner building on the Avenida da Republca, the future head-office of Hippo viagens. A simple design and an easy program to accomodate with two private offices, sharing toilet installations, a meeting room, filling area and secretary. The lack of natural light was something that had to be solved from the outset. Two volumes, each in each interior side of the roof, create directors offices which are lined on the outside by zinc sheeting and on the inside by transparent alveolar polycarbonate. The office is separated from the open space work place by a window allowing natural light to enter which is complemented by lanterns which direct the (artificial and natural) light individually over the works desks. The central zone on the inside contains access, the toilet facilities and also a filling unit in a well defined volume which is painted black.