travessa do carvalho 15 1º esq. lisbon portugal
project image
Social Shop introduced for the UIA competition
Lisbon, Portugal
“Celebration of cities”, a moment of reflection over the future of our cities.In its quick and constant growth and development, contemporary city often leaves behind less urgent problems, usually related to minorities which subsequently become marginalised. Social problems that in the course of time have clear effects in public spaces. Punctual spaces in the city’s body, accumulating small wounds increasingly more difficult to heal, where the common citizen passes by without stopping, looks without seeing. Anthropological spaces become “non-places” (Augé). The proposed building stands in a former parking area, along the riverside avenue. Extends up to the riverside, protecting it from traffic noise. Its translucent external skin, supported by a steel skeletton, contains, in the micro-climate generated in its interior, two distinct nucleous, housing public and social facilities.