travessa do carvalho 15 1┬║ esq. lisbon portugal
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house _ nbAA + carlos vilela
Vila do Bispo
the building pure’s white volume has a north-south orientation, “anchoring” onto the high part of the land (garage) and hanging over the slope, framing the landscape to the south (Cabanas Velhas beach). The house has two storeys. Access to the upper floorof the house is via the garage by way of a raised walkway which crosses the intimate outdoor patio. The three bedrooms with their respective toilet facilities and a small office are located on this floor. To the side of the garage an outdoor flight of steps runs down to the first terrace, where the patio is located, from which access is gained to the social areas of the house - the dining room which opens onto the patio and the living room which ends in a veranda, balanced over the landscape. A second outdoor flight of steps descends onto a second terrace and from there the rest of the land and theplanned path which borders the plot to the south.