Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
project image
Urban Courtyard - 250mq
Berlin - Mitte
The courtyard, clamped in between a historic building and a modern extension, answers to the narrow spatial situation with an intensified experience of baroque artificiality in a contemporary and modernistic interpretation of the garden-historic broderie parterre. Entwined flower decors of synthetic resin are applied onto the courtyard’s asphalt surface, their infinite pattern engaging the visitors’ imagination beyond the spatial limits of the site. The graphic decor simultaneously serves as a carpet for the adjacent 18 metre long bench which lines a stone-clad wall. Covered with highly polished nero assoluto basalt the wall is an elegant technical reworking of a classical garden wall. Meanwhile studded with LED lights which illuminate the courtyard’s surface at night, the wall also serves as an outlet for the underground parking ventilation.
Architectur: NPS Tschoban Voss