Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
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Open Spaces at DKV-Insurances - 1900mq
Berlin - Charlottenburg
Old and modern buildings form a relatively closed ensemble in which the war damages still remain to be seen as historical breaches. The seven storey modern building rises above the two level garage which extends under the courtyard. The ground surface serves at the same time as the roof of the garage and is integrally part of the whole building. A typical urban feature of multiply use is implemented: the courtyard as a way of access to the building, as an entrance to the underground garage, as a loading zone for delivery vehicles and as an area of visual connection between old and modern buildings. The courtyard space is effectuated through its façades and ground surfaces. The aim was to enhance the interaction between horizontal and vertical surfaces, different angles and broken lines in this location. Asphalt was chosen as surface material and for the traffic signage colours of yellow, red and white.
Architecture: Alsop&Störmer