Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
project image
Playground Niebuhrstraße - 1300mq
Berlin - Charlottenburg
The playground, sited in the inner core of West-Berlin, is a colourful eyecatcher - as it is plainly visible from the tracks of the metropolitan transportsystem. It is sunk 1,5m into the ground and thus rather resembles a concise playbox than a mere standard playground. The project was devised to stimulate phantasies for unconventional ways of play and sports. In its measurements below standard regulation, the space, but also the demarcation called for a different set of rules. The ground-material does not limit itself to remaining on the ground, but also covers the sides. The spiraling wire-mesh fence is put up in two layers in grey and black coulours to create a stimulating moiree-effect. A site off standards, off-the-rule marking, and unusual application of material make for an exiting new meeting-point that will potentially initiate new rules for new urban sports.