Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
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Ortus Artis - cell 20
Certosa di Padula - invited
The concept of cell number 20 is to define and accentuate the existing foundation of this old monastery. The different types of architecture and the framing of the courtyard are emphasized by clearing the remaining structure. Plants are trees are removed; only building structures are kept in place. All surfaces whether they are paths, flowerbeds or elements of the building are covered with lawn. Thus neglecting different structures, and at the same time emphasizing their different altitudes. This picture that is created at first might appear irritating. Then, however, the carpet-like surface of the roof-less room generates a calm atmosphere. The essence of the space is captured and reflects the initial concept of the monastery. The added element of mist functions as an outside air-conditioning. The calm green is stressed and also serves as a cooling aid for the visitors.