Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
project image
State Flowershow 2002 - 17ha
Eberswalde - first prize
Adjacent to the Finow Canal a former industrial site was cleared and converted into a new type of park. The concept for the transformation of this early industrial area focuses less on heightening the experience of industrial romanticism and more on offering orientation, mapping the site as a post-industrial landscape park. The park contrasts intensive areas of experience with the vastness of space. The uniquely-designed park lavishes details ranging from picturesque situations to urban graphics on a tarmac. The existing elements of the site were not connected in terms of hierarchy or location but rather through a dynamic grid. The vast, former industrial site is mapped as a post-industrial park by a system of paths; forty-centimetre-wide steel tapes run through the terrain describing wide radii, most of them accompanied by paths. The steel tapes span the whole of the new park like a geographical map grid of meridians and parallels.