Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin
project image
KPM Quarters. Royal Porcelain Manufactory - 6500mq
Berlin-Tiergarten - first prize
The office buildings for the Federal Health Institutions, together with the buildings of the Royal Porcelain Manufacture (KPM), form the urban centre of the quarter. Its open spaces are made up of a system of narrow alleys and small squares. A brownish-yellow granite paving gives a distinguished, eloquent tonality to these spaces. On Herbert-Lewin-Square an even carpet of granite slabs extends itself before the visitor, creating a representative entry situation with the intimate atmosphere of a parlour. Next to a bouquet of black pine trees a brass object and a wooden chaise lounge furnish this “room”. The chaise lounge beckons with a brass armrest inviting passers-by to sit on its generously open, finely-assembled oak surface. A thin water-film on the even surface of the brass object produces a lustre which iridescently reflects the adjacent facades, passing cars, or a newly arriving visitor.
Architecture: Heinle Wischer & Partner