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Urban Generation.
Online and Offline _ London - first prize
enter - Urban Generation - live now. Multiple cameras accessed randomly in real time to make an urban tapestry. An evolving, generative artwork. These images are from taken London, and they happen as you see them, in real time. The installation versions of this work can be presented in art galleries using projectors or plasma display. First made in 2002. Recently re -tested and some bugs ironed out for 2005 and made into this multiple grid. This now runs these twelve real time perpectives of the emergent city experience. This 'film' is constantly evolving and will never be the same again, the images are not recorded. Each screen is a live real time image from a camera in the city of London. A special installation for Net Reality using eight monitors is touring various UK galleries: see http://www.stanza.co.uk/urban_tapestry/index.html