17-19 lever street ec1v 3qu
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Dubai - first prize
This project is the result of an international design competition which DOSarchitects won in 2005.From the onset we have aimed to create an aesthetic appearance and functionality which are the product of a direct relationship with the surrounding natural environment. Solar panels will provide up to 25% of the total energy consumed within the tower. Its mass and thickness give inertia to the building, as well as thermal resistance to temperature fluctuations in Dubai. Other passive strategies have been adopted to minimise the use of air conditioning and other active devices with great advantages for the occupants’ health, as well as reduced running costs and overall impact of the tower on the environment. Its geometry makes the building almost self-shading to all the glazed elements,whilst still allowing openings to enjoy the external panoramic view. The building’s skin has been inspired by the sand of the dunes.