Smidjustigur 11b Reykjavik IS 101 Iceland
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Skeidarvogur Highway Interchange
Reykjavík, Iceland - selected
This project for a highway interchage superceeded an existing light controlled junction and was built without disrupting the flow of traffic. The junction is between a six lane primary road and a four lane secondary road with the major streams running South – East and conversely West to North. This imbalance led to a design solution with a free loop for traffic feeding in the S-E direction removing the need for any traffic control signals. Returning traffic flows simply take the ramp from primary to secondary road. The ease of operation and efficiency of this system is reflected in the bridge design which is comprised of a long-span, post-tensioned concrete slab with a single column. To minimise the percived thickness of the slab the underside is curved. The upper periphery of the slab is champhered to meet the belly at mid-span to create a sharp arris.