Weingarten 5 via Vigneti 39010 Andrian Andriano I
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Garten Kränzel, Graf Pfeil
Cermes (BZ)
The private vinery Kränzel Graf Pfeil welcomes their clients and guests in a phantastic garden. The commissioner's dream to express his ideas, his power of imagination and the landscape architect's guiding mind together with the geomant Peter Meijerink shaped a territorial organism on more than two hectares of land in the vineyards next to the castle. Applying ancient principles of geomancy in the choices of morphology, vegetation and constructive material, the space is subdivided in twelve parts associated to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The visitor explores the different ambients though labyrinthic paths while tasting the variety of fruit growing all around. The park hosts art exhibitions and events and will be open to the public.