Weingarten 5 via Vigneti 39010 Andrian Andriano I
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Hannover - selected
Under the title 'Kunst-Garten-Kunst', the Sprengel Museum and the green department of the City of Hannover invited artists and landscape architects to express their constructive ideas on selected spaces across the city. For the Schmuckplatz, Helene Hölzl in collaboration with Frans Boots intervened with an attempt to vitalize and consolidate the neighbourhood: on the huge lime tree which dominates the centre of the square, a large number of birdhouses should be installed. The flying and singing of the birds and the growing up of young birds will bring various life into the place. The birdhouses are covered with a mimetic stamp of tree leaves on their surface, making them look like big square stylised leaves in winter, but invisible in summer. The museum installation was realized with the aid of Cologne's media art duo earweego.