project image
Housing Block on the plot 62.8 x 15.8 m
LJUBLJANA - first prize
Three similar objects are located within the new developed area in the green zone of the city. The blocks were designed following the strict urban regulations. The three-storey cube on the given plot of 15 by 62 meters has shared underground garage and they overlook the lake. Primarily the area that is a natural resort by the lake in the inner edge of the city was planned as a luxurious housing in nature for diplomats. During the first months of construction the investor changed and as the result the budget was cut down drastically. The sizes of the apartments had to be redesigned and all visible materials were changed to conventional and cheapest on the market. The floor plans of the building are organised in stripes. Living areas are opened to the lake and to the west; sleeping areas are on the east and in the middle services.