Grosse Neugasse 27 - 1040 - Wien - Austria
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Mq21 - Infrastructure deck in the Museums Quarter
The existing historical halls at the main entrance to the Viennese Museums Quarter shall be expanded in order to be used for young cultural initiatives. The halls are under monumental protection and will be equipped with an installation that must not touch the building’s mantle. This installation creates additional floor space, a technical infrastructure and a distinction between the privately rented workspace and the public passage. Lodgers can use this passage in order to show the public their projects and to inform them about future events. The installation fills the volume of the halls in such a way that the stairs, which are actually being held up by pillars, appear to be the sole support of the gallery level. This creates additional room for private work space as well as for protected and lockable space for presentations on the hall level. The installations form the spine for activities on the open space and the passage. Movable f