rua das trinas, 81, r/c, 1200-856 lisboa
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sa02 nuc nomad use camaleonics
archilab 2001 - selected
i want a new contemporary house but i don’t have a site to build it. i don’t even know where i want to live. why not built a pre-fabricated house and then look for a cool place to put it. i don’t belong here or there. i can choose where to live. i want to be able to go anywhere, whenever i want. something with view and nature. i want to be isolated but connected. my personality and desire of appropriation is bigger than anything else. i’m not into some kind of stereotypical way of living. if i can personalize my clothing, my computer desktop, my food, why can’t i constantly personalize my home? i want some kind of a mutant digital skin like a camaleon that changes according to the enviroment. can i download the skins from the internet?