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MONTROUGE - mentioned
The site of the project is in Villoulvette, situated in the town of Egly, but belonging to Montrouge, 40 km far. This area is situated in the Valley of Orge river, between Breuillet on the West side and Arpajon on the Est side. The Orge is the main factor of the valley structure. An urban development is planned to revitalize this place and to connect it not only to new housing but also to others services and shops. The public space is for us the place to open up the aerea, to create a link between all the differents zones, to attracting differents acteurs but also to produce. The cultures and housing could be planned to connect people to the main activity of the valley : agroforestry linked to a school, located in the existing leisure center, and a natural park in the flood area near the Orge.