London, Greater London, E15 1EQ
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Piscina Mirabilis - tree of eternity
Bacoli, Napoli - special prize
Our proposal of Piscina Mirabilis evert on the concept of Everted and Submerged landscapes. Using the design language of the water, the architectural gesture aims to reveal the invisible, hidden in the underground. The concept of the everted landscape creates a specular reflection of the underground architectural features. On the superficial landscape, the conference room and restaurant are hosted in the mirrored structure of the underground. All around the room, a shallow water reflection pond offer the mirroring experience to the visitor. There, as the Caserta Reggia, the specular reflection reveal the feature of the underground, by mirroring the over the ground. All around the beautiful Pinus Pinea, reference to the eternal landscape of ancient Rome symbolism and rituals Pinus Pinea was had the magical feature of superstition and rituals) is part of the everted landscape. Team: Cristina Morbi, Aurora Destro