London, Greater London, E15 1EQ
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Border Mine
Genk, Belgium - invited
EXHAUSTION and EROSION A tridimensional landscape that evokes the mining experience, descending on the earth. The project uses the concept of exhaustion as a key point: we created structures that allow the erosion of the soil, and hide new structures and space that will be visible once the exhaustion has been reached after 60 years. GEOLOGICAL PLATES The geological connotation of a mine is very linked to the geological language of the site, defining how public space could evolve in a deeply characterised place. The answer came from the same geology: we designed tectonic plates, physical places and functional collective responses that could occur on plate margins. Depressions, overlays, inclinations give a physical response to a place that is into the ground, also marked by places of solitude through the deep cracks cutting the landscape. Team: C Morbi, Q Xie, A Maffi, J Thu