London, Greater London, E15 1EQ
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Kochia memoria
London, Uk - finalist
Kochia Memoria is a proposal in remembrance. It asks us how our last act can return us to the earth and our loved ones. Here, death is not the end but a new beginning. Through a sustainable cremation process, ashes can rest in a biodegradable urn, sprinkled with Kochia Scoparia seeds. Bringing the PHA urn to the final resting place, it filters the air and water as it degrades, releasing the now fertilised Kochia Scoparia seeds to spread and grow. Seeds are able to germinate under extreme conditions, such as lack of moisture, high salinity, or extremes in pH. The ashes are stabilized by the Kochia, and the remembering can start in the phenological cycle of nature, each plant spreading 12.000 seeds every season. Life is not static, and neither is death. Kochia Memoria reminds us of the journey’s we take even after death. Team: Cristina Morbi, Kristina Chan