Untere Donaustrasse 13-15, A - 1020 Wien
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HCC - Hitachi Columbus Campus
Mannheim - first prize
Sustainable, simple, beautiful! It’s a simple concept: the simpler something is formulated, the more easily it is understood. This is also true of the architectural language of the Hitachi Columbus Campus in Mannheim, Germany. With its transparent appearance, the office complex by AllesWirdGut stands for a sustainable corporate attitude—and also demonstrates that resource-saving construction, climate-neutral operation, and contemporary aesthetic need not at all be conflicting interests. The campus consists of four individual built volumes defining a central square open on all sides. Trees alternate with lawns and unsealed surfaced areas. Parks bordering on the premises extend towards the middle and create an urban space with a green ambience, which all building entrances are oriented to. This leaves the areas right in front of the office buildings open to accommodate inviting entrance areas and enlivening gastronomic offerings.