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The Archipelago and The Line
Borsh Valley - third prize
The proposal tackles the impact of the rising water level expected shortly on the Albanian coast of Borsh Valley, currently an olive oil production area. In particular, the rising water level offers the opportunity to reinvent the way of inhabiting the coast. Therefore, it would be possible to take advantage of this gradual process to set a lagoon instead of dry land that turns into the sea. Through this overlapping of olive groves with lagoon canals, the project makes the area inhabitable despite inevitable transformations. The hybridization between accommodations, facilities, agricultural deposits, and promenade, aims to concentrate and densify the presence of human activities in the landscape. The new infrastructures is a temporary element of connection; it hosts ephemeral structures, necessary to inhabit the new wetland. The proposal is an attempt to define a framework for human activities in fragile and precarious conditions.